Who we are

Ivanka Present is a design studio and gift shop of handmade product. You will receive item you like as it shown on the picture. Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised when you will hold it in your hands, feel its heaviness and high quality in details. Be sure it will come in our cute branded wrapping.

Our History  

2009 - Ivanka Present was founded as a family business in a small apartment based in Kiev, Ukraine. Since then we make the world a little more beautiful. Instead of renting out the place we created a working space where we started our business with minimum investments. We used our collections of fabrics, materials our designer and sawing skills. While learning all possible hand crafting techniques. We involved like-minded people to pass our knowledge and experience for further work.

Our students now are a part of team and have full time job at Ivanka Present. Each of them is professional designer with high standards for quality.

2019 - still work in the same place :)  Chasing new ideas, materials, approaches, attitudes. Our main rule of working with us from the first day is that - we only give what we want to receive.