In order to keep your personal data confidential and to respect your rights in this area, we hereby inform you that the contact information and other data relating to you (hereinafter, the “Personal Data”) that you provided (for example, when registering on the website, participating in any online surveys, etc. – if applicable), will be recorded in a our electronic database.

Personal data will be processed (including, but not limited to): collected, kept, impersonalised, circulated (across borders and otherwise), accumulated, copied, and updated in order to send you any informational materials: about our surveys, events, services, and for establishing personal contacts with you while distributing the above information and materials.

For data processing, We may transfer Personal Data only to our employees and third parties who signed a personal obligation to keep any received information confidential. Personal Data may be communicated to other persons solely in a statistically processed form, thus preventing your identification as the person to whom the disclosed data pertain.

If you wish to be informed about personal data pertaining to you, or amend the data which you provided, or if you disagree with the conditions of data processing or its processing, or if you object to our intention to send you any information materials, please contact us.